One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Activities for Kids


One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Fun Activities

Dr. Seuss is a much-loved children's writer who is known for his fascinating, rhyming compositions. One of his most popular titles is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. This book shows children how to rhyme words in an enjoyable way that grabs their interest.  There are many activities suitable for children that can be applied with this book to develop literacy skills, as well as other academic areas and abilities.

Matching Rhymes

After reading the book, let the children play a rhyme matching game.  Prepare sets of images that show objects that rhyme; for instance, a bat and a hat, a house and a mouse, a frog and a log, and a goat and a boat.  Put one set of the rhyming images in a face-down pile and put the other set of images on the floor or any flat surface, face-up.  Allow the children to take a picture one at a time and tell them that they need to match it to the image on the floor.  If the child matches the image correctly, he keeps it; if he is wrong, he needs to pass the image from the pile to another player, who then attempts to look for the match.  The player who makes the most matches wins the game.

Fish Patterns

Try to practice forming patterns with blue and red fish.  Print out multiple pictures of blue and red fish and then cut it out.  Use the fish to make a simple pattern; for instance, blue, red, blue, red.  Ask the children to follow the pattern you've created.  Form a few different patterns and allow the children to identify the patterns.  For instance, if you have formed the pattern blue, blue, red, blue, blue, ask the children which color fish should follow next in the pattern.  Allow the students to use the fish in forming their own patterns.

Fish Craft

Another activity suitable for children is creating a fish craft.  Make a fish bowl craft using the handprints of the children.  Provide the kids with paper plates and tell them to use a blue crayon or a paint to color the top of the plates, making the appearance of water in a fish bowl.  Set out blue and red finger paint and allow the children dip their one hand in every color of paint.  Let them press their handprints on the white surface of the paper plates with their fingers spread open.  Give them different shapes of googly eyes to attach on the upper part of the palms, forming the shape of fish.

Rhyming Book

Have children make a page that can be added to the book.  Motivate children to think of nonsensical things that rhyme and instruct them to write a simple sentence with rhyming words; for example, "The big blue pig ate the fig."  Emphasize to the children that the sentences do not need to be sensible, nor do the words.  Have them show their sentences and gather the pages to make your own version of a senseless rhyming book.